Oh boy, Peace Corps loves its acronyms! This list includes some of the most commonly used USPC acronyms I encountered, though I’m sure there are plenty more.
  • Ad Sep – Adminstrative Separation; PCV or PCT sent home for violating PC policy
  • APCD – Associate Peace Corps Director; The director (often a HCN) in charge of a program
  • CD – Country Director; Peace Corps official for a country
  • COI – Close of Invitation
  • COS – Close of Service
  • ET – Early Termination; when a PCV or PCT elects to leave service early
  • Going Native – When a volunteer picks up most or all of the local customs and practices, these individuals try to assimilate as much as possible with the HCNs.
  • HCN – Host Country National; the “locals”
  • IO – Initial Orientation
  • IOS – Interruption of Service; IOS occurs when an entire program is pulled from a country.
  • IST – In Service Training; training, technical or otherwise, that takes place during the course of active service
  • Med Evac – Medical Evacuate; If a volunteer is sick/injured and can’t be treated in-country, he/she will be medically evacuated (often to DC)
  • Med Sep – Medical Separation; Med Sep occurs when a PCT or PCV is sent home for medical reasons
  • MST – Mid-Service Training; In country training that takes place during service
  • NGO – Non-Government Organization
  • OMS – Office of Medica Services
  • PC – Peace Corps
  • PC/P – Peace Corps Philippines
  • PCMO – Peace Corps Medical Officer
  • PCT – Peace Corps Trainee
  • PCV – Peace Corps Volunteer
  • PO – Program Officer
  • PST – Pre-Service Training; In country training taking place before swearing in
  • PTO – Programs Training Officer
  • RM – Regional Manager
  • RPCV – Returned Peace Corps Volunteer
  • Site Visit – A visit made by a volunteer or PC staff member to a current or prospective volunteer placement site
  • SM – Sector Manager
  • Staging – Country specific group pre-departure orientation

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