Today was long and much time was spent driving.  I started in Chicago, drove north and then west through Wisconsin, Minnesota and crossed most of South Dakota. I left around 8:30 and arrived at 12:30 (but in the next time zone, so it was more like 1:30). To be fair, I wasted a fair bit of time before I even left the greater Chicago area- but with construction and pitstops, the ride took much longer than anticipated.

I didn’t want to be out driving after dark, but the sunset over the farms and prarie were beautiful. Not sure yet what it looks like here, we’ll see in the morning. Tomorrow I’m taking the scenic route through the park and, hopefully, swinging by Mt Rushmore.

Official stats for the day:

Time on the road: 16 hours

Time actually driving: 14:24

Miles traveled: 853:2

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