Who’s got Spartan Spirit?

Not Spaniards, that’s for damned sure.

Just got home from the Real Madrid game. They won, the game was good, I enjoyed it. Aside from the Ultima sur “football hooligan” section people were really tame. When they’d get pissed off everyone would jump up and shout a lot of things, the only words of which I could understand were “Gol”, “nooooooooooooooooo!!!!!” and “PUTA!” You could actually hold a conversation during the game, unlike during a game inside Spartan Stadium. Hm. Maybe it would have been crazier if it had been a bigger game. But still- mildly disappointed. Good game though.

Oh, and everyone must have called each other and decided what to bring to the game, because as soon as it was half-time (do they call it that in soccer?) everyone in our section pulled out matchign bocadillas wrapped in tin foil. It was really odd.

SO, yeah. Football = ok, sister’s binoculars = excellent, football players = damned fine. It seems that the shaved head is now the popular soccer haircut, that or the pony-rocker. Mullets have passed in fame with Real Madrid and Roma. I only spotted two per team. Not bad. Hopefully it will catch on with everyone else soon. What a horrible fashion statement.

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