Arrived in Missoula in the wee hours after a white-knuckle ride across Montana in the sometimes rainy dark.  Since I got in so late, I decided not to try and head out early and make it to Seattle in time for dinner.  Instead, I slept until 10, checked out at 11, filled up on gas and Starbucks, replenished my snack supply and set out in the direction of Idaho.

Idaho is beautiful, but the rest stations leave something to be desired.  I made a pit stop in a small town and some kids came in dressed in old-timey costumes.

Eastern Washington wasn’t what I was expecting.  Mainly, there were a lot of rolling hills covered with large farms growing field corn, soybeans and other various cash crops.  I thought that I saw a giraffe in a field, but it turned out to be some rusty crane-type apparatus- guess that’s one way to tell when you’ve been driving too long.

After a final long day of driving, I arrived at home around 9pm.

Time: 9:15
Distance: 502.8 miles

Total distance: 2531.7 miles

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