Manila Pt. 1

After a few days in Boracay, soaking up the sun, sand and surf, it was time to head back to Manila (which feels, scarily, like a second home).

This trip to the Philippines wasn’t very long and I didn’t have time to plan a trip to Bicol, so I was worried and disappointed that I probably wouldn’t get to see some of the people that I love and care for the most in the Philippines. As luck would have it, there just happened to be a language training camp in metro Manila that started the day after I would be in town, so I made plans to meet up with Eva and Elena- two of my favorite language trainers. In addition, my friend Richard was free and even had a holiday Monday (Presidents’ Day?) so we were able to go out to my favorite Indian restaurant for lunch.

L to R: Richard, Eva, Me, Elena

Anyway, it was really nice to see so many friendly faces in Manila and get a chance to visit some of my old haunts in the city. I only had about 36 hours in town, and still didn’t get to see some of the PC staff members that I was hoping to see, but I did get to eat some wonderful food and even meet the volunteer who’s placed at my old site in San Jose. They told her that I ate everything and give her crap for being a vegetarian- I set the record straight, much to her glee.

Time in Manila is short, but I’m coming back before I head out. Now, north!

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