There’s nothing like a windy, cold Korean winter to drive one to the beach. Not a Korean beach, a warm tropical beach. Having never managed to go to Boracay while a volunteer, I thought it would make a nice first stop.

Boracay is exactly what you’ve heard it is. Beautiful. Touristy. Overdeveloped. Amazing. Fun. Wild. Lazy. Expensive. Has all the conveniences of home. A place you have to leave after a few days. A place you can visit and never leave.

While certainly not the best beach in the Philippines, White Beach is definitely in the top 10. The sand is white (hence the name) and powdery. Resorts, restaurants and bars span the length of the beach offering cool drinks, tasty treats and lounge chairs for all-day sunbathing binges.

I was lucky enough to book a dorm bed at Frendz Resort Boracay, which is a bit back from the beach but right on tho price and a great place to meet fellow backpackers (or English teachers from Korea on winter holiday) and hang out.

With my beach time, I did little that was productive. Basically, my four days alternated between walking on the beach, swimming, sunbathing, eating and sleeping. One day, in preparation for diving in Sipidan, I did two dives.  The reefs and fishlife are ok, but nothing like I’m used to seeing when I dive here.  Funny thing, though, the dive shop I happened to go to just so happens to be the dive shop that employs a fellow former 265 PCV as a dive master.  I was sitting there waiting to get my gear when I hear someone call out, “Hey Ward!” to which I look up and also shout, “Hey!  Ward?”  It was nice to chat and get a bit of chikka, as well as an inside line on where to get some delicious fresh yogurt.

All in all, it was a nice trip.  Expensive, but not too out of budget.

Recommended:  Yes.  But don’t go crazy.  Unless that’s your plan, of course.

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