After much anticipation (on my part), I finally arrived in the Philippines. I managed to get a half-price one way ticket from Incheon to Manila for about $120 on Cebu Pacific. The flight doesn’t have a lot of perks but at that price, it’s no problem to pack a sandwich and enjoy.

Once I got to Manila, I had about eight hours to wait until my Cebu Pacific flight to Kalibo. Trying to sleep in a Filipino airport is an exercise in futility. When we arrived, pretty much every surface available for sitting was occupied by someone who was both sacked out and snoring. After searching out a bathroom that wasn’t closed for cleaning, I managed to find a low windowsill that was good for taking a nap. Unfortunately, I had approximately 45 minutes trying to get comfortable before people started arriving for the 4am flight to Davao. I’ll just say, it was a long morning.

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