Sosososososo…I’m in Flornce now. All things straight, whoever recommended Genoa as “a beautiful city” needs to have their head examined.

Verona, on the other hand, was amazing. It’s the first really beautiful city that I’ve been to that doesn’t have a funk of piss/dogshit/rotting-garbage about it.

Seriously, this town’s amazing.

There’s a place in town known as “Juliette’s house” with a balcony and a statue of “Juliette”. All over the walls of the building are notes stuck up with gum, grafitti painted on the walls and (curiously enough) padlocks with notes painted on them locked on the window grills. It seems that there’s a tradition of writing your name and that of your beloved and putting it somewhere on the walls there. Why? I’m not sure. It seems kinda stupid to me, and not just because I find it too pointlessly “wish-like”. It might be different if the story had ended happily, but what do these people think that they’re going to get from this? The love interests both died, and some people might say it’s romantic…but I think it’s ridiculous (they play is a work of art, but r & j…stupid!stupid!stupid!kids). And to top it all off, a cousin and a mother die. Oh! Maybe if I stick a note on the wall of this old house with gum I too can commit suicide and bring about the deaths of three other people, yay! *stab*stab*stab*

I took a day trip to Venice, despite people telling me I should skip it. Glad I didn’t, the city’s amazing. I wanted to see that strange, decaying, sinking city once prepared not to like it, but I really enjoyed myself. Everyone says it’s expensive, but it’s not if you are smart about it. I walked around all day with no shortage of things to look at; ate gelato, fresh fruit and pizza: bought two blank comedia dell arte masks and still spent less than €20 total! Hah. The city didn’t even smell, like everyone says that it does…probably helps that it’s not stinking hot out.

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