Riviera Blues

So, I’ve been on the Riviera for the last 5 days. Two in Marseille, two in Frejus (and a daytrp to St. Tropez) and now I’m in Genoa. I cannot get ovr how BLUE the water here is. Unfortunately, the last two days have been chilly- so no beach for me. I did get to the beach in Marseille. Funny story: I go to the beach with two brittish girls I meet at the bus stop. As we’r setting our stuff down, some random guy comes up and asks, in French, if we can watch his coat for a minute. First off, who wears a coat to the beach in 80 degree weather? Creepy guys, that’s who. After a 30-second swim in his boxers the guy lies down next to the three of us, a bit too close for comfort. Especially after one of the other two girls notices this guy’s flying the flag at full mast. And not really making any attempt to be discreet. He stayed there for 3 hours! So, if you’re at the beach and you see a guy in a coat- run!
Also, there is a railworker’s strike here that delayed me two hours and packed the train station- welcome to Italy! I hope this ends soon, I’d like to leave Genoa eventually.

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