If movies can teach us anything

I am amazed at the inconsistency of what my limited spanish can get me. I can buy a sim card for my phone, I can get a new ISIC card (like I did today) and I can buy tickets and bargain at flea markets…but telling someone where the bathrooms are, no. So, I went and got a new ISIC card today ’cause I’m sick of being jerked around and missing out on discounts because MSU prints a stupid issue date on their IDs that people thing is the year that it’s valid for. This thing is top notch. It only cost €6! (it’s $20 at home) my name is totally messed up, it says I’m a student at U. Michigan and I didn’t have a picture with me so he left it open for me to put in later (I could have put in a picture of anything!). But hey, it works. I asked where I could take a picture and he doesn’t know. So, I figure…the train station. If there’s one thing to be learned from Amelie, it’s that there’s always a photobooth in a train station. And I was right, there were three. Only one was broken. So, I can now get student discouts again with my ghetto card from UofM. Score!

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