Today was an exciting day, let me tell you why…

Several very cool/important things happened today. I shall list them here in chronological order.

1. I voted today!!!! My absentee ballot had not arrived as of this morning, so I went to the embassy and sent in my write/in ballot. Yay, go me!

2. I finished my last class of my TEFL course.

3. I did my last teaching for my TEFL course and got my “pass” certificate.

4. I finally saw KILL BILL VOL. 1 on the big screen! Finally.

5. I talked to two girls from Texas who aren’t conservatives and told them how they can vote while they’re here. Obviously, they are from Austin.

6. I’m almost half-way through my fifth and final German Harry Potter book. Next up is Bridget Jones’ Diary auf deutsch.

Things I am disappointed about:

1. It seems that everyone has seen the presidential debate except me. Not that it would change my mind, my vote’s been cast!

2. I still haven’t found a decent churro place to get good churros con chocolate at (yes, I will use prepositions at the end of sentences all I want). This is bad because I leave tomorrow and I desperately want some churros before I go. Dammit.

**Edit** I had some really effin’ good churros con chocolate today. They were so good that they gave me a stomach ache. Kinda like Martin’s souflé. Mmmm….souflé….must. wait. for. dinner.

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