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CNN has been interesting lately. Maybe not so much informative as providing things of interest.

Yesterday I saw an article about Peace Corps Volunteers. It’s an interesting read and particularly addresses the practice of many Americans to join the Peace Corps not as fresh-out-of-college youngsters (as many PCVS are), but as retirees whose children are having children of their own. In my own batch there are several older volunteers, the oldes of whom turned 70 during her time here (she has since had to go home). I remember frequently hearing people say,upon hearing my decision to go into the Peace Corps, “Oh, that’s something I wish I could have done.” My answer was almost always, “You still can.” Of course, nobody seemed too thrilled at that prospect. But you never know…

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  1. I read an article today about one reporter’s view of the new “Quiet Americans”, 20-something idealists who truly want to make a difference. 20-somethings who are not afraid to roll up their sleeves and get down to work – anywhere, everywhere. Your decision to enter the Peace Corp was both fear and awe inspiring to me. The fear came from my love for you and the desire to always keep you safe, the awe came from your determined nature to help and give back wherever anyone needed it (except perhaps in the chilly climes of the Antartic…). I’m including the link to the article ( and hoping that you and your beautiful, determined, philanthropic compatriots will find a way to help this country too – from inside. You still can.

  2. God thank you I am so lucky, two daughters, both beautiful, bright, articulate and who love and care about each other. Thanks. Mom

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