Not so much an explaination…

but this CNN World story really exemplifies something about the Philippines. Something that can’t really be accurately put into words, but that gives great insight into Pinoy culture.

Read the article above and then watch the video. I promise, you won’t be disappointed. In fact, make sure you aren’t drinking anything while you watch because it’s likely to shoot out your nose.

5 thoughts on “Not so much an explaination…

  1. Half way around the world, humidity that would make me melt, power outages & sporadic internet access…and still you are showing me what to watch on CNN. My God, you’re the most connected woman I know. (…and yes, I did set my soda neatly aside to avoid jet force cola spray…)

  2. Orange is a good color, I think. Difficult to wear, but the average Pinoy seems to have the skin tone for it. After laughing hysterically at that video, it reminded me of my nightmares from seeing the Thriller video as a child. MJ is waiting in my closet to get me, though this orange-clad nightmare seems a bit worse…

  3. when I first saw that video I couldn’t understand what a G-d’s earth a woman was doing in general population in a prison?!?! Then I got it….

  4. Now you have a clearer idea of why you were actually afraid of the Thriller Video…it wasn’t the theme – it was the star. I can remember the sound of your muffled feet pounding across the hallway from out of your bedroom only to hear your screeching halt, then the casual saunter to enter the room as if not a thing in the world was on your mind. Your breathless reply of a casual “hi”. To be followed by panting breath attempting to catch up with your brief physical dash of fear from whatever (MJ?) might be lurking in your darkened closet. Oh how I miss you!

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