I’m Vanessa, a Michigander from metro Detroit, who is currently working tech support for a software development company in Seattle, Washington.

Before coming to Seattle, I spent several months spending the majority of my savings from Korea backpacking around Southeast Asia.

Before spending 5 months or so living out of a backpack in Southeast Asia, I was an English teacher in Daejeon, South Korea. While I was there, I also volunteered at a local animal shelter.

Before coming to Korea, I was a Peace Corps volunteer in the Philippines.  There, I worked worked doing resource development at an elementary school, co-taught English classes and developed library resources at a provincial high school and coordinated a region-wide teacher training program.

Before going to the Philippines as a Peace Corps volunteer, I earned a degree in vocal music education and I worked as a substitute teacher, as well as many other not-so-torturous-as-subbing jobs during my schooling.

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  1. Vanessa, I love you…but you really should consider getting your teeth fixed before you take off from the States. And maybe trim the whiskers a bit. xo

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